MARC Data analyses industry-wide financial data, including processed data and statistical analysis, from a variety of resources. These data will be structured into customisable formats as a means to provide solutions in addressing a company's current and future analytical needs.

MARC Data also processes all ratings-related information published in MARC's rating universe and translates these into sets of data to be made available to the general public including financial institutions, insurance companies and banks on a common shared platform.

MARC's Credit Mapper is a quick and simple credit risk assessment tool that generates credit scores for unrated entities with or without the user's qualitative input. Credit Mapper allows credit assessments to be produced in a shorter time and with considerably less effort.

Having been awarded a Credit Reporting Agency license by Malaysia's Ministry of Finance, MARC Data provides credit reporting services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporates and financial institutions. These services include detailed pre-screening business checks on an entity's top-line information and latest audited financial information, as well as comprehensive analysis and comparison of the entity's full financial information.