MARC Credit Analysis Report

MARC Credit Analysis Reports are comprehensive reports on clients in MARC’s rating universe. They feature detailed reviews of our clients’ business operations, competitive positions and industries, with meticulous analyses of company financial positions using appropriate financial metrics to determine company profitability, cash flow, gearing and financial flexibility. These reports serve as an invaluable tool for investors seeking to better understand their investments and the specific issues that can affect their investments. As of January 2022, MARC has produced well over 2,500 reports on companies of various sizes and from a diversified range of sectors in the local economy.

MARC CreditMapper

The CreditMapper is an analytical tool which provides guidance in assessing the creditworthiness of a company/entity and assistance for investment decisions. The CreditMapper generally requires less detailed knowledge on the part of the user, consistent with the information that is available and observable to the market, while accommodating qualitative input from the user. This allows the credit assessments to be produced in a shorter time and with considerably less effort. The CreditMapper, when augmented with fundamental credit analysis, offers a more complete/holistic approach for credit assessment.

Sample MARCs Credit Mapper Report
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