Posted Date : 16 Dec 2014


MARC has published for comment an exposure draft which outlines the rating agency’s Malaysian state rating methodology. The publication of this exposure draft is part of MARC’s initiatives to increase transparency around its ratings process and to ensure the consistency of methodology application.

MARC’s state rating methodology recognises that the creditworthiness of a state can be influenced by factors that include economic strength, fiscal performance and condition, debt profile, and political dynamics. The focus is mainly on structural issues, rather than on transitory changes in creditworthiness brought about as a result of economic cycles. 
MARC welcomes comments on any aspect of the draft methodology during the comment period and will consider all comments received in writing by January 16, 2015. Comments on the exposure draft should be sent to ratingmethodology@marc.com.my. All responses will be regarded as on the public record unless confidentiality is requested by the commentator. MARC will finalise the rating methodology following a review of comments received during the consultation period.
Quah Boon Huat, +603-2082 2231/ boonhuat@marc.com.my; 
Nor Zahidi Alias, +603-2082 2277/ zahidi@marc.com.my.