About MARC

Malaysian Rating Corporation Berhad (MARC) was established in 1996. Our overarching focus since inception has been, and continues to be, on delivering information, insights, solutions and benchmarks to contribute towards more robust and sustainable capital markets.

MARC's key capabilities are in infrastructure, project and structured finance, given our longstanding track record in rating domestic toll roads, power plants, water assets and ports. Our clients also include big players/corporates from the oil and gas, construction, building materials, real estate, commodities and retail segments. MARC has also established its credentials in green financing, having rated the majority of solar power projects in Malaysia.

MARC's rating universe also encompasses sovereigns, financial institutions, state governments and investment managers. MARC publishes independent research on the domestic bond and sukuk markets, industry trends and economic issues of general interest to the investing public.

MARC recently ventured into new business segments, providing the market with up-to-date data analytic offerings, as well as risk framework solutions and advisory. We are also active in the sustainability segment through our Impact Bond Assessments which provide a comprehensive assessment of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, which is recognised by Securities Commission Malaysia.

MARC is a Bank Negara Malaysia-accredited External Credit Assessment Institution and is registered with Securities Commission Malaysia as a credit rating agency. A public limited company, our shareholders comprise international credit rating agencies, major investment banks, insurance companies and stockbrokers in Malaysia.

MARC Subsidiaries

MARC Learning Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as MARC Training Sdn Bhd)

MARC Learning is MARC’s learning and development solutions arm. MARC Learning specialises in providing training courses and webinars related to capital markets, treasury, credit analysis, project finance and economics. MARC Learning also provides bespoke training courses for individual institutions.

MARC Solutions Sdn Bhd
(Formerly known as MARC Risk Management Solutions Sdn Bhd)

MARC Solutions offers credit risk or environmental, social and governance risk analytic solutions. The analytics consulting services it currently offers are internal rating model validation and enhancement services, and bespoke credit and non-credit model development services. It also provides sustainability-linked offerings which include impact bond assessments.

MARC Services

MARC provides issue ratings for corporate and structured finance projects as well as financial institutions. MARC also provides ratings on credit enhancement providers, insurance and reinsurance companies, and investment managers. To ensure full transparency, MARC’s website provides access to our key rating methodologies.

Economic Research
MARC provides investors with its in-house economics team’s outlook on the domestic economy as well as in-depth commentaries on Malaysia’s budget and BNM’s annual report. MARC also publishes country risk assessments on a regular basis.

Fixed-Income Research
MARC publishes its annual rating default and transition studies to help investors form an opinion of the default potential of MARC’s ratings, its outlook on the domestic bond market, as well as rating and bond market commentaries at regular intervals.

Credit Risk Assessment (Credit Mapper)
MARC’s Credit Mapper is a quick and simple credit risk assessment tool that generates credit scores for unrated entities with or without the user’s qualitative input. Credit Mapper allows credit assessments to be produced in a shorter time and with considerably less effort.

MARCs New Logo v2

Design Philosophy

MARC’s new logo captures its aspirations as a contemporary and progressive credit rating agency.

The top blue line in the logo represents the company’s ambitions as it seeks to expand into new business segments. The bottom blue line symbolises MARC’s strong foundation formed over 25 years of operations as a credit rating institution. The red font colour embodies MARC’s enduring values of strength, trust and stability.

MARC’s New Vision Statement & Tagline

MARC’s new vision statement is to be a provider of solutions beyond risk. Aligned with this, our new tagline is Solutions Beyond Risk, which represents MARC’s commitment and focus to be a bespoke provider across its offerings, encompassing ratings, learning, solutions, data and analytics.

MARC’s Values

  • Integrity
  • Agility
  • Forward-looking
  • Innovativeness