MARC Ratings Berhad

MARC Ratings Berhad was incorporated as a public limited company to undertake the business of providing credit rating services, as well as economic and fixed-income research publications, on behalf of the MARC group of companies.

MARC Ratings provides issue ratings for corporate and structured finance projects as well as financial institutions. MARC Ratings also provides ratings on credit enhancement providers, insurance and reinsurance companies, and investment managers. To ensure full transparency, MARC's website provides access to our key rating methodologies.

MARC provides investors with its in-house economics team's outlook on the domestic economy as well as in-depth commentaries on Malaysia's annual budget and BNM's policy publications. MARC also publishes country risk assessments on a regular basis.
MARC publishes its annual rating default and transition studies to help investors form an opinion of the default potential of MARC's ratings, its outlook on the domestic bond market, as well as rating and bond market commentaries at regular intervals.